Utah Website Design- Common Misconceptions

May 14
When is the last time you went to the phone book to find a company to provide a service? In the last year? The last decade? Have you ever used a phone book (and not as a doorstop)? If you need something, you go online, and you’re in the majority. We live in the online age , and if your business isn’t online, it practically doesn’t exist. Websites are crucial to the success of your business, and an excellent design is crucial to the success of your site. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions about web design:   I’m pretty handy with computers, so I can figure it out.   You may have taken a basic computers course in high school or college, but do you remember what you learned? You probably performed all sorts of functions, like making buttons, changing the colors, crafting text boxes… but much of your knowledge is now obsolete. Technology changes so quickly that keeping up to date on what’s possible is a full time job – and you already have a full time job running your business! Leave it to the experts, and you can get on with your already busy schedule.   Well I have a page, and it’s got my info on it, so I’m good.   Maybe. Maybe not. Ask yourself – is this page going to inspire confidence in a potential client? Is it a webpage I would trust if I were searching for a business? Does it have pop and flair? What kind of first impression am I making? Does the detail and professionalism I’ve put into my website reflect the detail and professionalism I put into my business? A web developer can help the quality of your website accurately reflect the high quality of your business.   I already have a good reputation in the community, so people won’t care what my website looks like.   Don’t fall into this trap! With so many options available, potential clients have the opportunity to choose between a variety of companies with “good reputations.” Even if they love you or your product, a cheap-looking site that is difficult to navigate could encourage your clientele to go elsewhere.   Hiring a real web developer will be too expensive.   No! The real expense is what you cost yourself in lost clientele when your website isn’t up to par. Any company has to invest in itself if it wants to see returns, and your website investment is as important as your office space, if not more. The simplest way to make sure your website is a priority in your business is to let us make it a priority of ours. Let onlydentists.com do the tech work while you focus on what you do best, knowing that your web presence is covered.